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Big Truck Parking

Big Truck Parking
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Big Truck Parking is a fun parking game, in which you have to park - as you have probably already guessed - a big truck! You'll be controlling a large semi trailer, and things are a little more complicated than simply driving it into one parking space. Instead, you'll be given a screen on which are one or more spaces - if there are multiple spots, then will have to park in each of them in the order of the numbers which are attached to them. You are driving against the clock, and you'll also lose a life if you hit anything!This game comes complete with an excellent training mode, which it is highly recommended that you experience before you go on to the main game. In the training level, there is no pressure of time, and so you can learn how to maneuver your truck without the risk of crashing due to being in too much of a rush. There are also colored markers on the asphalt, showing you the ideal way to traverse the level. The training mode is actually fairly challenging in its own right, which means that if you're able to master it, you should stand in good stead for the ordinary levels.You'll need to be quite careful if you are to master Big Truck Parking, since controlling a truck of this size is not an easy business. It's especially tricky to maneuver it around sharp corners, and if you need to back into a space, things can get even more demanding! Thankfully, you are given a fairly generous eight lives to start with, although it is not difficult to lose them! You'll also give up 100 points if you lose a life through crashing, so to win, you'll need to make sure you're an accurate and safe driver.




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