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Car Park Chaos

Car Park Chaos
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In Car Park Chaos, it's over to England for a parking game with a movie flavor. You are employed by the well known Popcorn Cinema, and tonight the place is packed for a major premiere showing. That means that the car park is very busy, so along with your co-workers, you're on duty out there, helping to park your guests' cars in the right places. Don't forget, your manager is keeping a close watch on your performance, and so it's imperative that you do not damage any of those cars - or, even worse, injure any pedestrians!You have a strictly limited amount of time available before the movie begins, and once that time is up, it's the end of the game - so keep your wits about you, and your reactions quick! You'll be paid a cool 20 pounds every time you successfully park a guest's car - but if you cause any damage, 5 pounds will be deducted from your wages to pay for compensation. If you're silly enough to knock into a pedestrian, then you'll be fired there and then, so be extremely careful! You can control cars with the four arrow keys, to steer left and right, accelerate, and brake.There's an extra tactical element in Car Park Chaos that comes right at the start. You get to choose from four different characters to take charge of the parking for you, and each of them will operate in a subtly different fashion. You'll have to play the game through a few times before you realize which of them suits your playing style the best. You get to see the whole playing area at once in this game, so there's a fair bit to take in, but it can help you to judge things like when pedestrians are likely to appear.




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