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City Parking

City Parking
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From its attractively designed graphics to its jaunty soundtrack, everything about City Parking conjures up a real feeling of life in the big city. You are the driver of a small car, and you must try to negotiate a succession of crowded urban parking lots, and reach the parking slot which has been marked out for you. This is shown by the flashing area, and you will have to park quite accurately for the game to recognize your success in reaching it. Make one little mistake, and hit another car or a traffic cone, and you will have to try all over again!Controlling your car is simple enough, as the only controls required in this game are the four arrow keys. Up and down will alter the speed at which you are traveling, while left and right will steer. There are several different cars in the game, and all of the handle quite nicely, so maneuvering should not be too tricky. That's just as well, as the levels get pretty hard quite quickly. In fact, it won't be long before you're attempting stages that require some work even to find the parking space, let alone actually to park in it!There are 8 levels in City Parking, and you can select which one you want to attempt - but you can only play those which you have already completed, so skipping straight to the hardest level is not an option! This is a game that draws you into its world quite well, and which really does get across some of the frustration of trying to find a place to park in a busy lot. The game is fair to you, though, and it doesn't require superhuman levels of ability to complete each level. The challenge is considerable, but it's enjoyably so.




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