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Parker 2

Parker 2
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Parker 2 takes the parking game genre back to its roots, and thereby delivers an experience which is quick and easy to pick up, but which will have you coming back again and again for "just one more go" before you get it absolutely right! You will be given a series of challenges to complete, each of them a little more difficult than the one before. They all involve getting your car parked in its designated parking space, but the approaches you'll have to take to each level vary considerably.In keeping with its straightforward and simple approach, the game only requires you to memorize four controls, all of them activated by one of the arrow keys. You can turn the car's front wheels by using the left and right arrows, while the up key will speed you up. Pressing down will either reduce your speed, or if you are already stopped, it will move you in reverse. You'll need to play the game a few times to get used to the rather unusual control response - your car turns very sharply, which is great for getting round bends, but less so for fine tuning!The music in Parker 2 is among the better composed around, so you will probably want to leave it on, although you can mute it from the main menu if you want to. There's also an option for reducing the quality of the graphics, though for modern computers, it should be fine to leave it set to the default of Best quality. You get three lives to start with, and one of those will be lost if you hit anything. You'll also have to watch the clock, as each level is subject to a strict time limit. With plenty of variety, and a fun feel, this is a very enjoyable parking game.




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