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Parking Frenzy

Parking Frenzy
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Parking Frenzy is certainly a parking game that lives up to its name! You'll really have to keep a cool head in this game, if you are to come through the succession of ever more difficult levels with your car intact! You control the red car, viewing the action from overhead, and you must guide it into the parking space that has been highlighted for you. Naturally, it's not quite as easy as that, as there are a large number of obstacles to avoid, ranging from other cars to debris left lying around in the road.Controlling your car is achieved by pressing one of the four arrow keys. Up and down will vary your speed, or change between forward and reverse gear. Similarly, the left and right arrows will steer your car in that direction. Watch out, though, as if you're traveling down the screen and you press the left key, your car will steer to the left - but that means that it will actually move to the right! The car in this game has a bit more inertia than its equivalents in other titles, so it can take a little while to get started, but full speed is pretty quick.The particular challenge of Parking Frenzy is in its wide variety of hazards to look out for, and in the fact that many of them are moving. Other cars will drive across the screen, sometimes stopping at crosswalks, and pedestrians may step out into the road without looking. If you hit any of them, you'll be sent back to the start to try again. Should you let the timer tick down to zero, it's the end of the game. Every time you complete a level, you'll be shown your score, and then moved on to a more complex challenge.




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