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Parking Space 2

Parking Space 2
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Parking Space 2 is a great parking game, the sequel to the original parking space, and a game with several new and improved features over the original. The basic aim of the game remains pretty much the same, however - you get to be in control of a series of cars, which you have to park in a suitable space before your time runs out. You'll need to drive very skillfully, because parking as accurately as possible is the name of the game here, and on top of that, there are plenty of obstacles dotted around each level for you to avoid.There are only four control keys to learn in this game, so you should manage to pick it up pretty swiftly. The right and left arrow keys will steer your car in the relevant direction, the up key will increase your speed, while the down key will slow you down. You can also use the down key to reverse. You'll often need to carry out some quite intricate maneuvers in order to park successfully, so make sure you're comfortable with the controls in the early levels before you tackle the more difficult stages.Parking Space 2 offers a selection of 15 levels, each a bit more of a test than the one before. However, you can only unlock a level by completing those that come before it, so there's no way to drop straight into level 15 without having first proved your skill! The very first level is not against the clock, so you can take the time to practice, but after that you'll need to keep a close watch on the ticking timer at the bottom of the screen. If you let that reach zero, or crash into anything at all, you'll find that your parking test will be abruptly terminated!




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  1. leonardo says:

    great game!!!!!!really good lol!:cool:

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