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Violet Parking Dinosaurs

Violet Parking Dinosaurs
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You can't accuse a parking game with a name like Violet Parking Dinosaurs of being a, well, shrinking violet! This game takes you back to the era when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and - so it seems - when the Flintstones were in business. Yes, we're in prehistoric land this time around, and you'll be driving, not a sleek modern convertible, but something a little bit more old-fashioned. In fact, the whole car is made of wood, and that includes the wheels! At least you don't have to power it with your feet.The designers of this game have kindly provided players with a choice of control keys. You can either use the four arrow keys to steer left and right, speed up, or slow down - or you can take a journey back to the days of games like Quake, and use the W, S, A, and D keys instead! Either way, you'll need to remember to hit the space bar once you're done parking, so that your attempt can be assessed. Once you finish a level, you'll get a star rating - out of five - and if you've proved yourself good enough, you may be awarded a bronze, silver, or gold medal.There are no fewer than 25 levels in Violet Parking Dinosaurs, so you're likely to be kept occupied by this game for quite some time. Even the early levels are fairly tough until you've learned to keep your car under control, and the time limit is pretty tight. You also need to keep watching out for passers-by, since if you run them over, you'll be going to jail! This is a great game, with a lot of humor in its graphics - especially when you fail! That makes it well worth persevering with, as the feeling of accomplishment when you do finally win through is very satisfying.




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